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Electrical certificates (electrical installation condition reports), diagnostics and fault finding on electrical systems. You can trust our NAPIT registered engineers to make sure that your property fully complies with all current electrical legal requirements and regulations.

Stop fire hazards Prevent electrical accidents Discover electrical defects Full Landlord legal compliance NAPIT accredited and regulated Trustmark approved

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What is an EICR certificate and why do you need it?


All landlords now have to do what good landlords already do: make sure the electrical installations in their rented properties are safe.

The Regulations came into force on 1 June 2020 and form part of the Department’s wider work to improve safety in all residential premises and particularly in the private rented sector.

The Regulations state that a landlord must ensure that electrical safety standards are met, and that investigative or remedial work is carried out if the report requires this.

What will we check when you get and EICR inspection?


The ‘fixed’ electrical parts of the property, like the wiring, the socket-outlets (plug sockets), the light fittings and the consumer unit (or fuse box) will be inspected. This will include permanently connected equipment such as showers and extractors.

The inspection will find out if:

  • any electrical installations are overloaded

  • there are any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards

  • there is any defective electrical work

  • there is a lack of earthing or bonding – these are 2 ways of preventing electrical shocks that are built into electrical installations

Landlords must obtain a report (usually an Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR) from the person conducting the inspection and test which explains its outcomes and any investigative or remedial work required.

Landlords must then supply a copy of this report to the tenant within 28 days of the inspection and test, to a new tenant before they occupy the premises, and to any prospective tenant within 28 days of receiving a request for the report.

If a local authority requests it, landlords must supply them with a copy of this report within 7 days of receiving the request.

If the report requires remedial work or further investigation, landlords must provide written confirmation that the work has been carried out to their tenant and to the local authority within 28 days of completing the work.

Landlords must retain a copy of the report to give to the inspector and tester who will undertake the next inspection and test.

Our Electrical engineers adhere to Part P building requirements are accredited and regulated by NAPIT, and carry the Government apporved Trustmark.

We can carry out electrical certificates (electrical installation condition reports), diagnostics and fault finding on electrical systems. Our engineers are fully trained and comply with all current requirements and regulations ensuring that your work is done to optimum standards.

Our electricians use the latest testing equipment to trace faults which enables them to diagnose and repair faults quickly. Once our engineer has carried out the inspection they will provide you with a report detailing any faults and recommendations for remedial works.

Fully Certified And Insured